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Top 14 Reasons to Get Braces in Spartanburg

June 4th, 2013


1) Braces will make your teeth straight! I mean, who doesn’t want straight teeth, right?

2) They can make your teeth easier to clean. And cleaner is always better. This likely means less tooth decay and healthier gums.

3) Braces can improve dental function and chewing ability.

4) Straight teeth help increase confidence and improve self-esteem!

5) Braces can fix impacted teeth (teeth that don’t erupt because of lack of room or an altered path of eruption).

6) They can be used in conjunction with other dental procedures, such as making room for implants or for bonding procedures on specific teeth.

7) Braces will help give you a correct bite and prevent future TMJ problems.

8) You get to pick out fancy colors to bedazzle your smile while you’re in braces … or you can just get gray as your color … or you can get tooth colored braces … or Invisalign. Lots of options!

9) Your kids got them, and now it’s your turn!

10) Your spouse got them, and now it’s your turn!

11) Your friends got them, and now it’s your turn!

12) Your neighbors got them, and now it’s your turn!

13) Nobody else got them, but you want braces anyway!

14) We’re really nice people, and you just want to come see us every 6-8 weeks.


We’re proud to serve and meet the orthodontic needs of Spartanburg, SC and the surrounding communities. Please give us a call if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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