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It has been almost a year since my last visit. I haven't had the opportunity to express how happy I am with my new smile. Every time I look back at my pictures, I can see a big difference in my teeth. I can write a book about my experience, but today I just want to tell you, "thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job and helping me to get through the process of the braces and surgery". You have a very competent and supportive staff that made the whole process easier.

Dr. Gardner has been treating me for TMJ and it has really helped. When I first went to Dr. Gardner, I was having headaches on the right side and my jaw was popping with opening and closing. Also, I could not open my mouth very wide. After treatment with splints, which I wore during the day and special night ones, I am doing much better. I can open my mouth wider, and I am not having headaches. I wear a splint at night. I would highly recommend Dr. Gardner if you have TMJ symptoms.

After over two months of severe pain, I decided to get a splint. Near the end of the first week, I was completely out of pain. Before my splint, I was on heavy pain medication, but since my splint, I have not even needed Advil. I am in no pain, and I am so thankful to Dr. Gardner and his staff. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from pain due to TMJ syndrome.

I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Gardner and his staff in treating my TMD. My headaches are much less frequent, and I no longer hear clicking and popping noises in my jaw, nor am I afraid that it is going to lock in an open position when I yawn. Everyone in the office is pleasant and friendly, and I am made to feel very welcome whenever I come in for an appointment.

The best money we've ever spent was for the TAP appliance. My husband, Bill, had severe headaches for years, and after he endured a myriad of tests and consultations, and I endured countless sleepless nights, sleep apnea was determined to be the culprit. One night with the CPAP machine was all it took for him to decide to pursue surgery. Luckily for us, the ENT (Dr. John Foster) said he'd be happy to operate but suggested visiting Dr. Gardner first to learn about the TAP. Great advice! The first night Bill slept with the TAP, I checked him for a pulse several times! He had never slept so quietly nor had he slept through an entire night. The TAP changed all that. No more snoring. No more headaches. No more sleepless nights for me! Thank you, thank you thank you, Dr. Gardner!

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